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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Stramenopiles Patterson 1989, emend. Adl et al. 2005
Motile cells typically biciliate, typically with heterokont ciliation; anterior cilium with tripartite mastigonemes in two opposite rows and a posterior usually smooth cilium.

1. Actinophryidae Dujardin 1841
Ciliated cells absent. Axonemal pseudopodia with stiff microtubular core (axopodia). Axopodia originate from an amorphous centrosome near nuclei. Single large central nucleus or several peripheral nuclei.

Including: Actinophrys, Actinosphaerium.

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2. Chrysophyceae Pascher 1914
Predominantely ciliated cells, swimming cells biciliated. Cell coverings, when present, include organic scales, siliceous scales, organic lorica, and cellulose cell wall; eyespots present or absent. With statospores.

Including: Dinobryon, Epipyxis, Cyclonexis, Chrysostephanosphaera, Chrysamoeba, Lagynion, Paraphysomonas.

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3. Picophagophyceae Cavalier-Smith 2006
Naked plasmodium with finely branched filopodia and yellowish-green plastids and multiple vesicular nuclei.

Including: Chlamydomyxa.

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4. Dictyochophyceae Silva 1980
Single cells, colonial ciliated cells or amoebae; swimming cells usually with one cilium, anteriorly directed. Cells naked, with organic scales or with siliceous skeleton; eyespots absent.

Including: Ciliophrys, Palatinella.

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5. Synurales Andersen 1987
Predominantely ciliated cells, benthic palmelloid colonies known; swimming cells usually with two anteriorly directed cilia. Cells covered with bilaterally symmetrical silica scales; eyespots absent; statospores.

Including: Synura, Mallomonas.

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6. Labyrinthulomycetes Dick 2001
Mainly osmotrophic cells capable of producing an ectoplasmic network of branched, anastomosing, wall-less filaments via a specialized organelle known as the bothrosome; Golgi-derived scales; biciliate zoospores with lateral insertion in many species.

Including: Amphitrema, Diplophrys.

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