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The golden algae Synura is covered with minute scales too. Synura cells build colonies that swim like a golden ball through the water. Sometimes you find masses of Synura in one sample. More details are here.
The testate amoeba Corythion can be found nearly all over the world. The image shows two cells belonging to different morphotypes. Research data show a southerly trend of decreasing test size on the Arctic Peninsula and suggest adaptive polymorphism. Read the research here (open access).
More images of related species can be found here.
Pseudoraphidocystis glutinosa builds trumpet-shaped spine scales. More
This is a very fine pseudopod of a Korotnevella amoeba. More
The beautiful Pompholyxophrys builds siliceous pearls to cover its body. More
Floating amoebae are showing the most crazy forms. Vannellids can project "coiled" pseudopodia. More