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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Here you find well known species where the position in the tree of life is uncertain or unknown. If you can help, we would love to be hearing from you!

Arachnula Cienkowski 1876 (incertae sedis)
Naked, phagotrophic amoeboid organisms; amoeboid, free-moving trophozoites alternating with a digestive cyst. Remarkably fast movement. Arachnula can be found in salt- and sweatwater as well as in soil.
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Arachnula impatiens Cienkowski 1876

Actinocoma Penard 1903 (incertae sedis)
Star-shaped amoeba with a distinct nuclear structure.
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Actinocoma ramosa Penard 1903

Artodiscus Penard 1890 (incertae sedis)
Spherical; outer mucilaginous envelope with minute mineral particles on top of a fine organic test. With multiple apertures for fine, sometimes branching, filopodia. Fast movement.
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Artodiscus saltans Penard 1890

Biomyxa Leidy 1875 (incertae sedis)
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Biomyxa vagans Leidy 1875

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Biomyxa vagans 2 mm large cell from culture

Biomyxa vagans 60x time lapse video