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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Raphidiophrydae Mikrjukov 1996, emend. Cavalier-Smith and von der Heyden 2007
Periplast typically containing tangential siliceous plates surrounded by a hollow marginal rim but never goblet-shaped or other radial scales.

1. Raphidiophrys Archer 1867
Periplast with one type of siliceous plate-like tangential scales with a broad hollow marginal rim. Scales consist of upper and lower plates, connected by internal radial septae, visible as periodic radial striation or ribs. Often in clusters of cells. The axonemes of adjacent cells in clusters can fuse.
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Raphidiophrys viridis Archer 1867

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Raphidiophrys elegans Hertwig and Lesser 1874

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Raphidiophrys capitata Siemensma and Roijackers 1988

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Raphidiophrys intermedia Penard 1904

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Raphidiophrys sp.

2. Pseudoraphidiophrys Mikrjukov 1997
Periplast with two types of tangential or sub-tangential scales, both without a hollow marginal rim. Sub-tangential scales smaller with a single middle rib and similar within the genus. Tangential plate-scales with a central sternum and radial ribs.
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Pseudoraphidiophrys formosa (Dürrschmidt 1985) Mikrjukov 1997

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Pseudoraphidiophrys discoidea (Dürrschmidt 1985) Mikrjukov 1997

3. Polyplacocystis Mikrjukov 1996
Periplast with one type of siliceous spindle-line or plate-like tangential scales with a broad hollow marginal rim. The upper surface of scales has a reticular or smooth texture.
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Polyplacocystis marginata (Siemensma 1981) Mikrjukov 1996

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Polyplacocystis ambigua Penard 1904

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Polyplacocystis pallida Mikrjukov 1996