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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Discosea (Cavalier-Smith et al. 2004) Smirnov et al. 2011
Flattened naked amoebae that never produce tubular, subcylindrial pseudopodia and never alter their locomotive form. Cytoplasmic flow polyaxial or without a pronounced axis. Subpseudopodia short or absent.

1. Centramoebia Cavalier-Smith et al. 2016
Centrosomes present.

1.1. Himatismenida Page 1987
Dorsal surface covered with rigid coat without defined aperture; ventral surface naked.

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1.2. Centramoebida Rogerson & Patterson 2002, emend. Smirnov 2004
Flattened with prominent subpseudopodia, flexible and tapering to a fine tip and sometimes furcated near their base (acanthopodia).
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2. Flabellinia Smirnov, Nassonova, Berney, Fahrni, Bolivar et Pawlowski 2005
Flattened generally fan-shaped, discoid or irregularly triangular, never with pointed subpseudopodia or centrosomes.

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3. Longamoebia Cavalier-Smith and Smirnov 2011
Flattened, elongated cell with pointed subpseudopodia.

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4. Pellitida Smirnov and Cavalier-Smith 2011
Cell coat envelops the entire cell and is integrated with the cell membrane. For locomotion and phagocytosis amoebae produce short subpseudopodia protruding through the cell coat and covered at the distal end solely by the cell membrane.

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