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The Fascinating World of Amoebae

Most Beautiful

If you want to see beautiful images, here are some tidbits. Click on an image to enlarge!

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Raphidiophrys elegans is a small heliozoan wich lives in small colonies. More
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Acanthocystis turfacea is small heliozoan, very often with symbiotic algae. More
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Mastigamoeba lives in the anaerobic or microaerobic zone and is common on the bottom of nutrient rich waters. More
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The amoeba Mayorella viridis is a fierce predator with symbiotic algae. This species is infected by a parasite. More
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Cochliopodium vestitum is a discus- or bell-shaped amoebae with a cover of minute scales. More
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The vampyrellid Hyalodiscus rubicundus can open cell walls of algae and feeds on them - just like a vampire. More
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The earliest record of an amoeba is Rösel's illustration from 1755. It shows an unidentifiable amoeba, similar in appearance to the common species now known as Amoeba proteus, the quintessential amoeba. More
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This beaufilful amoeba was discovered by Joseph Leidy in 1874, who named it Hyalosphenia papilio as it reminded him of a beautiful butterfly. More

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Amoebae of the genus Diflugia build a house of small quartz gains and diatom frustules. More
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Choanocystis aculeata is a common heliozoan. More

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Lecythium hyalinum is an amoebae with a flexible test that has filose pseudopodia. More
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Pompholyxophrys punicea is a spherical amoeba with multiple layers of silicious pearls surrounding the plasma body. More

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Clathrulina elegans lives in a stalked spherical house with multiple openings where pseudopodia protrude. More

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Difflugia aculeate builds a house with small debris. The horns always have a sharp insert in its tip. More

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Hyalosphenia elegans is another beautiful amoeba that builds a test. More
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Pinaciophora fluviatilis is a spherical amoeba with minute disc-like scales. More
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The heliozoan Heterophrys myriapoda has symbiotic algae and organic needles. More
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The vampyrellid Hyalodiscus rubicundus in the typical „rolling over the substrate“-like locomotion. More