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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Foraminifera d’Orbigny 1826
Filopodia with granular cytoplasm, forming branching and anastomosing network (reticulopodia); bidirectional rapid (10 mm/s) transport of intracellular granules. With some exceptions this is a large taxon of marine species.

1. Monothalamids Pawlowski et al. 2003
Single chamber test with an organic or agglutinated wall or no test at all.

1.1. Allogromiidae Rhumbler 1904
Test globular to ovate with single, terminal aperture. Cell wall proteinaceous, sometimes incorporating agglutinated particles.

1.1.1. Allogromia Rhumbler 1904
Test unilocular, globular, and organic.
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Allogromia sp.

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Allogromia sp.

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Allogromia sp.

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Marine allogromiid

1.1.2. Lieberkuehnia Claparède and Lachmann 1859 (incertae sedis)
Test membranous, flexible, ovoid or spherical. Single, terminal aperture with an internal septum separating pseudopodial peduncle from the cytoplasm.
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Lieberkuehnia wageneri Claparède and Lachmann 1859

1.1.3. Edaphoallogromia Meisterfeld, Holzmann and Pawlowski 2001
Test membranous, flexible, ovoid or spherical. Single, depressed aperture.
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This may be a Edaphoallogromia sp.

1.2. Recticulomyxidae Page 1987, emend. Hülsmann 2014
Large plasmodia with hundreds or thousands of small nuclei involved in bidirectional streaming. Obligatory alternation of sessile and motile stages. Locomotion by migration via one or several giant pseudopodia with predominantly unidirectional centrifugal streaming of protoplasm. Cyst formation. Tectum as (protective) covering. Occasional formation of protoplasmic propagules (blisters, blebs) from pseudopodia and central areas. Omnivorous or predatory. Occurring in freshwater habitats.

1.2.1. Reticulomyxa Nauss 1949, emend. Hülsmann 2014
Tectum reduced considerably. Cleansing process before onset of migration phase; huge covering of waste (detrital) material produced by excretion of egesta and filamentous material along whole surface of strands.
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Reticulomyxa sp. cytoplasm with multiple nuclei

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Reticulomyxa sp. cyst

1.2.2. Haplomyxa Dellinger 2014
Athalamid multinucleate plasmodium.
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Haplomyxa saranae Dellinger 2014