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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Longamoebia Cavalier-Smith and Smirnov 2011
Flattened, elongated cell with pointed subpseudopodia and centrosomes in one lineage.

1.0. Dermamoebida Cavalier-Smith 2004
Oblong, lancet-shaped or irregularly triangular in locomotion; with smooth cell surface or with few wide ridges, never wrinkled; short, wide triangular pseudopodia and in some genera subpseudopodia of dactylopodial type; thick cell coat, multilayered or consisting of tightly packed helical structures.

1.1. Mayorellidae Schaeffer 1926, emend. Smirnov et al. 2011
Flattened amoebae producing short conical pseudopodia. Cell coat a thick, multilayered “cuticle”.

1.1.1. Mayorella Schaeffer 1926
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Mayorella viridis Leidy 1902

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Mayorella viridis infected by a parasite.

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Mayorella penardi Page 1972 infected by the fungal parasite Amoebophilus simplex Barron 1983.

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Mayorella viridis glycocalyx

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Mayorella sp.

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Mayorella sp.

2.0. Centramoebida Rogerson and Patterson 2002, emend. Cavalier-Smith 2004
Flattened with prominent subpseudopodia, flexible and tapering to a fine tip and sometimes furcated near their base (acanthopodia); without adhesive uroid; one species in culture appears as a branched, flattened sheet without subpseudopodia; at least one species sporocarpic and protosteloid.

2.1. Acanthamoebidae Sawyer and Griffin 1975

2.1.1. Acanthamoeba Volkonsky 1931
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Acanthamoeba sp. Volkonsky 1931

3.0. Thecamoebida Schaeffer 1926, emend. Cavalier-Smith 2004
Oblong, flattened cell with dorsal folds and/or ridges; anterior hyaloplasm forms antero-lateral crescent and never occupies half or more of the body length; never produce discrete pseudopodia or subpseudopodia; cell coat relatively thin, amorphous or with extra structures based on amorphous layer.
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Thecamoeba terricola (Greeff,1866) Lepsi, 1960

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Thecamoeba similis (Greeff, 1891) Lepsi, 1960

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Thecamoeba striata (Penard, 1890) Schaeffer, 1926