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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Dictyochophyceae Silva 1980
Single cells, colonial ciliated cells or amoebae; swimming cells usually with one cilium, anteriorly directed. Cells naked, with organic scales or with siliceous skeleton; eyespots absent.

1. Pedinellales Zimmermann, Moestrup and Hällfors 1984
Naked, organically scaled or loricate ciliated cells; with or without chloroplasts.

1.1. Pedinellaceae Pascher 1910

1.1.1. Ciliophrys Cienkowski 1876
Cell colorless, spherical and with numerous cytoplasmic arms (axopodia) radiating in all directions from the cell surface. Axopodia supported by triplets of microtubules which are ending on the surface of the central nucleus. In this heliozoan stage the cell is normally closely attached to the substrate by a short stalk from its posterior end; the single apical flagellum is usually inactive or moving very slowly in a figure eight configuration.
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Ciliophyrs infusionum Cienkowski 1876

1.2. Cyrtophoraceae Pascher 1911

1.2.1. Palatinella Lauterborn 1906
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Palatinella cyrtophora Lauterborn 1906