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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Amoebozoa (Lühe 1913) Cavalier-Smith 1998
Cells naked or testate, uni-, bi- and multinucleate, cysts common, sexual or asexual, pseudopodia of the lobopodia type.

1. Tubulinea Smirnov, Nassonova, Berney, Fahrni, Bolivar et Pawlowski 2005
Tubular, sub cylindrical pseudopodia or capable of altering the locomotive form from a flattened, expanded one to a sub cylindrical one. Monoaxial flow of the cytoplasm in every pseudopodium or in the entire cell.

Amoeba proteus Tubulinea

2. Discosea (Cavalier-Smith et al. 2004) Smirnov et al. 2008
Flattened naked amoebae that never produce tubular, sub cylindrial pseudopodia and never alter their locomotive form. Cytoplasmic flow polyaxial or without a pronounced axis. Subpseudopodia short or absent.

Discosea Korotnevella Paramoeba

3. Variosea Cavalier-Smith 2004, emend. Smirnov 2011

Aerobic ciliated amoebae with conical microtubular cytoskeleton and only temporary pointed pseudopodia or non-ciliate amoebae with long, tapering, usually pointed, often branched subspseudopodia.

Arboramoeba Variosea

4. Archamoebae Cavalier-Smith 1983
Anaerobic or microaerobic mostly ciliated amoebae with reduced mitochondrial organelles and endosymbiotic bacteria. Amoeboid movement with eruptive lobopodia. Free-living or endobiotic.

Pelomyxa Archamoeba