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The Fascinating World of Amoebae
Nucletmycea Brown et al. 2009
This is a group that includes Fungi, Nuclearia Cienkowski 1865 and Fonticula Worley et al. 1979. Some nucleariid amoebae often show axopodia-like pseudopodia. Nucleariids have no axonemes and no kinetocysts.

1. Nuclearia Cienkowski 1865
Amoeboid with rounded body, from which elongated filopodia extend. Often surrounded by a mucous layer with bacteria.
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Nuclearia sp.

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Nuclearia sp.

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Nuclearia sp.

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Nuclearia thermophila Yoshida et al. 2008

2. Lithocolla Schulze 1874 (incertae sedis)
Spherical; outer mucilaginous envelope with minute mineral particles on top of a fine organic test. With multiple apertures for fine, sometimes branching, filopodia. Fast movement.
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Lithocolla flavescens Penard 1904

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Lithocolla sp. Penard 1904